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    Heraeus 6000系列微生物培養箱

    Heraeus 6000系列微生物培養箱


    Series 6000 microbiological incubators offer a unique modular design concept which easily adapts to individual control and operation demands. For optimum capacity series 6000 incubators are available in six sizes ranging from 30 to 750 l, featuring 4 table-top and 2 floor-standing models

    Your Safety in Mind
    All incubators are equipped with many safety features in order to protect yourself, your samples, the environment and the equipment.
    Precise, Reliable Results
    Heraeus incubators provide an optimal, homogeneous, stable environment for your samples. Unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability ensure that your protocols are fully reproducible – so you get the same high-quality results, time after time.
    Optimal Hygiene
    Interiors are easy to clean and disinfect, which minimizes the potential for contamination. Shelves and supports can be removed in seconds, without the need for tools. 409 and 751 L models are available with forced-air circulation for superior temperatue homogeneity

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